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TamTing Restaurant & Bar

Welcome to TamTing, a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy a fine selection of South East Asian cuisine. Why not pair it with an alcoholic beverage, we serve everything from an English pint to some Asian inspired cocktails.

We are based in Camden, just off the Stables Market, in an elegant 1930’s inspired space, that fuses the beauty and sophistication of the decade.
Take a moment from the hectic city in our serene restaurant filled with atmospheric lighting and warm décor.

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  • Monday to Saturday 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Sunday 12:00 PM to  10:00PM

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Our Story

Candy the founder and the owner of TamTing in her early years travelled through Asia extensively and those journeys have nurtured her passion and dream to create TamTing in London. The name of the restaurant pays homage to the TamTing Buddhist caves that can be found deep in Laos, where the two rivers Mekong and Nam Ou meet.
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“The best part of being a chef is the feeling you get when everyone is satisfied with your food and you can see a smile on their face”

Our chef is constantly creating new and innovative dishes. Whilst he comes up with a variety of food combinations, he never forgets about traditions and classics of the authentic Asian kitchen.

  • chef@tamting.com
  • 020 7485 0588

“Funky drink for a funky night, that’s what I love“

  • drinkmaster@tamting.com
  • 020 7485 0588